6 Ways to Spend Valentine's Weekend in Reno Tahoe

Yep, it's that time of year again! Nick and I aren't really the pink hearts and roses type, so we celebrated this week with coffee, hot springs, a gorgeous Tahoe sunset and snowboarding (obviously). Looking for an unconventional way to spend Valentine's Weekend with your boo in Reno Tahoe? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Coffee Date at Old World Coffee

Coming from the Pacific Northwest with plans to open a roastery later this year, one might say Nick and I are picky when it comes to our cup of joe. Thankfully, Reno's Old World Coffee fits the bill. Located in up-and-coming Midtown, Old World features specialty coffees from some of the best roasters in the nation. They also have a delicious rotating specialty menu if you're looking for something sweeter (try the Ginger Spiced Latte). Nick and I can often be spotted behind our laptops at Old World, so it was nice to put work down for a second and catch up over a good old fashioned coffee date!

2. Gorge Yourselves at All-You-Can-Eat Sushi at Hiroba

All-you-can-eat anything is amazing, but sushi?! Probably the best thing about Reno, which boasts dozens of all-you-can eat sushi joints dotted all over town. Our favorite spot is Hiroba, where the chefs sing to one another and greet every person that walks in the door. This place is just freakin' FUN! It's a hip environment, and while crowded, has excellent service. Sit at the bar, order whatever you want, and, well, eat up! Nick and I enjoyed our Valentine's dinner here and left with that pleasant stuffed-but-not-too-stuffed feeling. Can't wait to go back!

3. Snowshoe Mount Rose

Mount Rose (one of the highest peaks in the Sierra Nevadas) boasts some of the best backcountry terrain in all of Tahoe, and is especially beautiful with a view of both Reno and Lake Tahoe on a clear day. Nick and I recently ascended Tamarack Peak via the Hourglass Bowl, which is about an hour snowshoe hike to the top. We didn't bring our boards with us as the snow was a bit crusty, and it was nice to move slow and enjoy the wilderness and sunshine. This weekend is supposed to be sunny, so if you go wear less layers than you think and pile on the sunscreen! Bring lunch or a snack for the top and take time to enjoy the view. This was one of our favorite hikes we've done together recently. Can't wait to come back with some fresh powder and our snowboards!

4. Ride Diamond Peak + Lone Eagle Grille Après

Continuing with the theme of enjoying spectacular views of Tahoe, this two-parter is our favorite Valentine's activity on the list. Diamond Peak is such a fun resort that doesn't feel like a resort. If you happen to go on a weekday you will literally get the place to yourself. Located in Incline Village and right on the lake, this is as Tahoe as it gets. Grab drinks afterwards at nearby Lone Eagle Grille for some luxurious après vibes and enjoy the view from the fire-pit outside.

5. Soak Those Muscles at Sierra Hot Springs

If you're anything like Nick and I, you go go go and don't always make time to stretch and take care of your body. Spending an afternoon at Sierra Hot Springs, just North of Tahoe in Sierraville, is an amazing romantic escape. There are multiple pools scattered throughout the property, including private baths (pictured) and an outdoor meditation pool. Clothing is optional, so don't be alarmed at the lack of modesty here!

6. Enjoy Sunset at Hidden Beach with a Bottle of Wine

Ah, sunset. Ah, Tahoe, Ah, red wine. Need I say more? Hidden Beach, located on Tahoe's East Shore south of Incline, is classic Tahoe: long rocky beach, big photogenic boulders that are fun to climb, and gorgeous clear waters. Parking across the street is easy; just hop the median and the path will take you straight to the beach. I think I'll let the photos take it from here  definitely one of the most beautiful sunsets I've seen in a long time. Perfect Valentine's date!

Have any other Reno/Tahoe date suggestions? Let me know in a comment below! And be sure to check out the Reno Tahoe website for tons of ideas  it's my personal favorite source for all things Reno Tahoe! Happy Valentine's Day!

Blog post in collaboration with Reno Tahoe USA. Opinions expressed are my own.