For Nick


Today, on our six month anniversary, halfway through that infamous first year of marriage, I pledge to continue to weather both the calm and the squall with you, hand in hand, never letting go no matter how fiercely the winds howl or whichever direction this crazy compass points. As we find ourselves in this transition, uncertainty ahead, and with more than a small amount of fear in our hearts, I promise to stand both beside, behind, and in front of you; I will protect you as you protect me. We will do this together. Through these months of moments only we know, both treacherous and tender, we truly have become one.

How is it that you have known how to love me so incredibly well, both teaching me and yourself at the same time? My heart overflows with gratitude for you, for your strength, your grace, your patience, your clever brain, your quirkiness that never ceases to bring me joy, your ability to see and to love. I will never forget what you have done for me these past six months. For the moments you forgave me, the moments you saw me better than I've ever been able to see myself, the moments you reminded me of my own faith by living yours out. Six months ago in the forest I made some vows to you, and while my heart was in the right place, I didn't really know what I was talking about. I know now that love has nothing to do with myself, and everything to do with you. I vow those same things and more. I will love God by loving you.

Life is changing, and changing fast. Let it change! To my husband, my travel companion, the one who makes me laugh harder than anyone else, my future business partner, the future father of my children, my best friend, my soul mate, the only one I'd want to get red cups with on a clear November Saturday morning at Alki Beach: I love you. I see Jesus in you, and in being your wife, I know Him better than I ever have. For that above all else, I thank you.

Here's to another six months, and then six months after that, and after that, and on and on and on until we are very old indeed.

With great affection,

Mrs. Visconti

Our amazing friend Benj Haisch shot our wedding photos which you can view on his blog  here .

Our amazing friend Benj Haisch shot our wedding photos which you can view on his blog here.