Mustang Inspires

Over the past month, I have had the honor of working with Ford on their #MustangInspires Instagram marketing campaign for the 2015 Mustang, marking the pony car's 50th anniversary and the first redesign the car has seen since 2005. In short, Ford chose 15 influential Instagrammers from around the globe to create a short video highlighting how the message behind the Mustang influences their day-to-day life. After weeks of interviews and signing non-disclosure agreements, I was delighted to find out I had been chosen, and set out to create my first-ever video... with the help of my amazing husband along the way.

Last week, I flew to Shanghai, China for the worldwide reveal of the new Mustang. This is the first time the Mustang has been released internationally, so the buzz surrounding the event circulated throughout blogs and major news channels worldwide. Despite happening to be in Shanghai at the same time the city received record-breaking smog levels, I had an absolute blast meandering the streets of Pudong with fellow Instagram creatives Ryan Stancato and Brandon Page.

While I am incredibly honored to be included in such a ground-breaking project - this is, in my opinion, the most important global Instagram campaign to date - it held great personal impact for me as well. As I stated in this Social Times article published last week, I've loved the Mustang for as long as I can remember, and it's been a lifelong dream to someday restore a 1967 fastback. When I was told to stop driving a few years back due to my deteriorating vision, one of my very first internal reactions was disappointment to not be able to someday undergo my Mustang project. As corny as it might sound, part of me feels like my involvement in this project is God's way of answering that tiny cry in my heart from years past. Regardless, I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity and the lifelong memories attached. I mean, when else in my life will I be able to get up close and personal with such a beloved and recognized car before the press has even seen it, iPhone in hand? It is crazy to think that it all started with just that: iPhone in hand, documenting day-to-day moments just like everybody else. As I posted on Twitter the other day, God has blessed me with a crazy life piled high with many blessings. I wouldn't change a thing.

Below, check out the video I created for the Mustang Inspires campaign. It premiered on Good Morning America recently, and will even be used in a future commercial for the new Mustang! Many thanks to my friend Braydon Nelson for the music.

Below, check out the Mustang commercial that is currently airing nationwide, featuring a handful of the Instagram videos and cameos of all 15 of us. Enjoy:

My brief foray to Shanghai came at the end of a two-week trip all over the West Coast with Nick... and our road bikes. On Thanksgiving, we rode to the top of Old Highway 40 on Donner Pass Summit, and biked across the Golden Gate Bridge a few days later. Since I've been home from Shanghai, I've been caught in a flurry of catching up on work and emails (and squeezing some time in for Christmas shopping, of course) before we hit the road again for a few weeks first thing Monday morning. Like I said earlier... I wouldn't want it any other way.