At Home Out Here

The best part about living in Truckee? When you need to come up with a last minute epic photoshoot location, no sweat, there are places everywhere.

A few weeks ago Nick and I woke up at the butt crack of dawn, coffee in hand, to do a shoot up at Donner Peak with QALO Ring (yes, the same peak the Donner party couldn't cross so many years ago and ended up eating each other... but I'll save that for a different blog post).

For all you outdoorsy married folks: QALO is for you! A rubber ring meant to replace your regular wedding band whenever hiking, working out, or whatever adventure you're into. QALO Ring has been around a few years now, and their super comfy rings are offered in different sizes and colors. Even better: 10% of each purchase is given back to a charity! I may be a little biased since my cousins started this company, but hey, it really is something I believe in. Nick even wears his QALO ring more often than his actual wedding band these days. Our sunrise shoot at Donner Peak was for QALO's At Home Out Here campaign, featuring the release of the new Outdoors Collection.

The shoot was part of a television commercial that's currently airing nationwide (see video below)! Thanks for bringing us on board QALO. We love you guys!

P.S. To see this day from QALO's perspective, check out their blog post here :) XO LLV