New last name, new website. Welcome to my new blog!


This blog is meant to share the (almost) daily ongoings of my life on a deeply personal and authentic level. My mission statement is simple: I believe in honest stories, choosing joy, and following Jesus. I will be writing about three ongoing themes in my life, all from a faith-based perspective:

  • pursuing a career in art while wrestling with impending blindness
  • life and travels as a newlywed with my husband and favorite person in the world, professional snowboarder Nick Visconti (who took all the photos of me for the site - isn't he the best?!)
  • embracing a paleo diet and lifestyle - exempting the occasional ice cream cone

I'll be updating the site regularly so make sure you check back soon! In the meantime, for all inquiries, comments, complaints, and happy hour invitations please shoot me an email: lauralawsonvisconti@gmail.com

xo LLV