for you & for me

My precious daughter,


I adore you immensely. You magnificent creature, you. Take a moment and allow this to sink in: you are exquisitely unique. I delight in you. I know your heart, dear one. Those women you try not to compare yourself to, but find yourself shooting glances of envy at? I see those tiny crushed moments in your soul, and my heart breaks for you because I see you as a perfect treasure. I love you differently than I love anybody else, which might be hard for you to fathom, but please trust me: my love extends deeper and richer than anything or anybody. I loved you before you were created, and I will continue to romance you for all of eternity. I died for you because I could not bear the thought of being without you. I see how hard you labor; rest in me. That list of failed achievements you stow in your heart? Throw it away. The bruises that still linger in your heart because of what men have said to you and done to you? Give it all to me. I will heal you. Embrace what makes you happy. I put those gifts and desires in your heart; pursue them relentlessly! Come now, let us reason together. Allow me to show you the secrets of my heart. Come find me and allow my love to envelope your soul. Escape from your tasks and busyness and meet me in the wild; you will find me when you seek me. Dear one, you do not understand how priceless you are. You have a fierce enemy that I seek you to save you from that would have you believe you are worthless and never enough... a failure. Listen to me, my daughter: it is a foul lie! I did not die for failures, I died for my precious treasure. You need me desperately. Allow me to heal you and make you whole. You will want to do this on your own, but I know you better than you even know yourself. Allow yourself to trust again. It's painful, I understand. You are my daughter, my princess. I want nothing but the absolute best for you, so you must trust me when you feel pain. Please understand that your heart is more valuable than your comfort, and so for a little while, there will be things you must endure in order that your heart be made whole. You might not understand always, but you must trust. Choose me, and you will be okay. You might not feel strong; find your strength in me! I am longing to offer it to you. There will be so many attractive options for you in this life, options for you to find your heart's desire met - I deliberately created you with that longing, but I want it for myself. I won't force it, because I love you and want you to find me instead of your own desires. Please don't hurt me by chasing other lovers. They will never love you like I do. I am jealous for you. I desperately need you. No one else can fill this part of my heart like you do. I love you, deeply and endlessly.

Your Father

P.S. All of creation was made for you, by the way. Enjoy.